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    GOLOANZ Loan Against Property:

    Loan Against Property Process. There are several steps in the process of getting a loan against property. A loan against property (LAP) gets you capital based on the value of your property. It is available for both salaried and self-employed persons and against commercial as well as residential property.

    Loan Against Property Process:

    • Application
    • Processing
    • Documentation
    • Sanctioning of the loan
    • Valuation and legal check
    • Disbursement

    Loan Against Property Benefits:

    • Lower interest rate
    • Lower to no prepayment charges
    • Easy to get
    • High-value loans made affordable
    • Longer tenure
    • Lower EMI
    • Pre-closure
    • Optimum use of a property

    For what purposes can LAP be taken?

    Loan against property (LAP) has the low interest rates which can be used for business or personal finance purposes:

    These loans can be used for expansion of the business and meeting the credits of the business and bonafide needs.

    1. The loans are easy to avail so they can help in case of an urgent medical financing.

    2. The loans are also useful to facilitate the renovation or repair/extension purposes in the house or flat.

    3. The loan can be used if there is a marriage in the house.

    4. The parent can use this loan for sending the child abroad for higher studies.

    5. One can use the loan to fund a vacation to an attractive tourist destination.