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    Goloanz; It is a immense pleasure for us to introduce an exclusive and easy opportunity for all the creditors to occupy the space of additional income by referring loan demanded customer.

    The Below mention percentage criteria that describes the slabs of each and every net loan amount,which are all get supposed to be disbursed


    Files Slab

    Personal Loan

      Upto Rs.25 lac -1.0%;    above Rs.25 lac - 1.25%

    Business Loan

      Upto Rs.50 lac -1.15%;    above Rs.50 lac - 1.25%

    Loan Against Property

      Upto Rs.1 cr – 0.4%;      above Rs.1 cr – 0.60%

    Vehicle Loan

      Upto Rs.1 cr - 0.15%;      above Rs.1 cr -0.25%

    Home Loan

      Upto Rs. 1 cr - 0.4%;    above Rs. 1 cr – 0.60%

    We extended our online credit line business space to make a long term professional relationship for all Online Free Lancers, Credit Consultant, Self Employed, Business Agent and Salaried Profiles to explore you to Earn an Attractive Income Credit by referring loan demanded customers.

    Goloanz help peoples to construct their basic structure of livelihood  in a one click, it facilitate each and every peoples to make their financial decision with confident and forward looking and deep understanding of borrower. We progressive to search most suitable vendors to help peoples avail loans at affordable EMI’s. Goloanz empanelled the most leading and authorized banks and financial services.                                                                                                                                                                                      CREDIT CHARGES & PAYMENT DETAILS

    • Goloanz, assure to accumulate the above slaps rates to our tied-up vendors in a agreed rate of percentage against their disbursed loans.
    • Goloanz, assure to accumulate the credit incentives (i.e...Commission charges) slabs will be calculated for every calendar month( Payment date: 10th) from the day their respective loan disbursed.
    • Goloanz, assure to accumulate the agreed Percentage on every net disbursal amount that vendors have bound to Credit income along with Prescribed TDS. These TDS amount only applicable to the vendor, who across the credit income 125000/Per-annum from goloanz.
    • Further our tied–up vendors can eligible to entitle our agreed rate of percentage in accordance with credit incentives plan on every Top-Up of Loans if in future against their pre lined up customer’s profiles. Such percentage shall be accumulating to our tied-up vendors only who Subject To Processed through GOLOANZ!
    • Vendors get benefits based on vendor’s performance, thus vendors afforded themselves from GOLOANZ as special offers like tour trip , refreshments, additional income as special incentives.