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    Credit Card

    GOLOANZ Credit Card:

    Credit Card is a payment card issued to an individual (Cardholder) by the banks and NBFCs With this credit card, you can make purchases on credit, up to a predefined credit limit. It actually comes as a plastic card which is swiped on point of sale terminals placed at the merchant place. It is the flexible alternative to the cash payment and eliminates the risk of carrying a large amount of cash if in any situation.

    Credit cards come with different features and benefits. The most popular credit card offers include cash-back credit cards, women credit cards, business credit card, entertainment credit cards, and low-interest credit cards, among others.

    Comparison of Credit Card &Debit Card?

    The difference is that in the case of a credit card the money spent is a borrowed money and you must repay to the bank before the due date. While in case of debit card it is your own money. With the credit card, you get a Short-term-zero-interest loan is repaid before the due date. In the case of a credit card, you can build a credit history which is not possible in the case of a debit card.

    Types of credit cards

    • Rewards Credit Card
    • Low-Interest Credit Card
    • Balance Transfer Credit Card
    • Secured Credit Card
    • Features of Credit Card
    • Payback in Instalments
    • E-Statement and Online Accessibility
    • Cash Withdrawal Facility
    • Insurance Coverage
    • Joining Fee and Annual Fee
    • SMS Alerts
    • Customer Service

    Benefits of Credit Card

    • No need to carry cash
    • Fulfills emergency cash requirement
    • Increases purchasing power
    • Interest-free credit
    • Grace Period
    • Reward points
    • Build a credit history
    • Helps in tracking purchases

    How to Apply for Credit Card Online?

    Planning to purchase your credit card online?

    Here are the steps to apply for credit card online in a few simple steps.

    • Visit the website of your bank and click on credit card 'apply online' option.
    • Furnish the essential details in the form and submit for approval
    • Once it is approved, a representative from the bank will come to your house and collect the required documents.
    • If not possible to avail credit card online, you also have the option to choose your credit card offline.
    • In this case, you can visit the bank directly to apply for the credit card you need. Once the dossier is done, credit card processing takes 7-10 days to get the card delivered to the mentioned address.